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This page will track all of the Ford government’s campaign promises.

Repealing Bill 124 Introduced Bill 124, supported by all PC members present during the vote.
Ending the Staffing Crisis
Right to Provide Care in a Safe Environment No commitments related to addressing violence against nurses and health-care professionals.
Keeping Health Care Public
Hospital Funding
Long-Term Care
Public Home and Community Care
Child Care Implement $10-a-day child care by September 2025.
Affordable Housing Call on the federal government for adequate and sustainable support for housing and homelessness.
Equitable Access to Health Care Increase Ontario Disability Support Payments by 5% to $1,227.45, and legislate that rates must rise along with inflation.
Paid Sick Days No commitment to implementing permanent paid sick days as of yet.
Minimum Wage Increase general minimum wage to $15.60 effective October 1, 2022.
Mental Health Invest $3.8 billion over 10 years in Roadmap to Wellness mental health strategy. The plan includes 10 youth wellness hubs for youth 12-25 to access mental health and addictions services, integrating mental health supports with Ontario’s correctional system, access to cognitive behavioural therapy for some Ontarians, and a platform that connects Ontarians with mental health support through a toll-free phone number.

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