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We are Ontario’s nurses and we represent the front-line experience and knowledge in every health-care sector in the province.

ONA’s strong and collective voice is well-respected and listened to by policy-makers, government, stakeholders and others in health care. Nurses know all too well the many challenges our system faces each and every day.

As patient advocates, ONA members – RNs, nurse practitioners, registered practical nurses and health-care professionals – stand up and are committed to speaking out about many issues that directly affect our ability to deliver high quality patient/client/resident care.

ONA’s Campaigns

Our successful and award-winning campaigns underscore the many challenges our members face on the front lines. From not enough RNs within our health-care system to heavy workloads and understaffing, our members support initiatives that improve health care in Ontario. Our campaigns aim to increase awareness and advocate for change.

We work with local leaders and bargaining unit members to ensure our campaign messages are told throughout Ontario. We provide support, materials and guidance to our members for maximum uptake.

Recent campaigns include:

A Portrait of Long-Term Care Nurses – ONA long-term care nurses share the pride they have in their work, and why they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We call on the government to advocate for better long-term care.

Save our Public Health – ONA produced an in-depth series on the importance of public health in Ontario, including an email campaign calling on the government to stop public health cuts.

Priorities and Promises – A province-wide ad campaign to call out the Conservative government’s shot-in-the-dark approach to health-care reform and urge the public to voice their opposition.

Nurses Know: RN Proud – A public awareness campaign that celebrates the education, skills, experience and compassion that Ontario’s registered nurses (RNs) bring to the health-care system.

Better Care Starts Here – A multi-media campaign including television ads, transit shelter ads, radio, social media and print ads, encouraging Ontarians to take action to fix what is ailing the system.

Nurses Know: Code White and Code Blue – A provincial campaign calling for adequate health-care funding in Ontario and a moratorium on RN cuts.

Workplace Violence Prevention – Spreading the word that workplace violence is not part of our jobs! Nursing and health care is dangerous work.

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