After several years in development, the Nurses’ Health Program (NHP) has officially launched.

This voluntary program provides support and treatment for Ontario nurses who suffer from mental health disorders and/or substance use that is affecting their ability to practice nursing. The NHP recognizes these disorders as illnesses and adopts an approach to treatment that reduces stigma and focuses on recovery in a supportive environment.

If you think that you are struggling with mental health disorders and/or substance use, you are not alone.

Before you contact the Nurses’ Health Program, please contact ONA’s Legal Expense Assistance Plan (LEAP) Team first.

ONA members who are considering entering the NHP should call LEAP Intake at 1-800-387-5580 or email

*The NHP is not a crisis line. If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact 911, your local crisis line, or go to your local hospital for assistance.