Back Pay Awarded to Hospital Nurses in Bill 124 Reopener

April 1, 2023

TORONTO, ON. – Arbitrator John Stout has released a decision awarding additional wage increases for ONA nurses and health-care professionals working in Ontario’s hospitals. Stout previously awarded back pay to ONA members working in non-profit nursing homes.

Wages and benefits for hospital-sector ONA members were held to a maximum of one per cent per year for each of three years under the Ford government’s unconstitutional legislation, Bill 124. ONA challenged this bill in court and successfully negotiated a wage reopener clause that allowed for additional compensation to be negotiated should Bill 124 be declared unconstitutional. Bill 124 was struck down late last year as a violation of the right to free collective bargaining.

As a result of this arbitration decision, additional wage increases will be paid retroactively to ONA members working in this sector. The following wages were awarded:

  • Effective April 1, 2020 – an additional 0.75% (total 1.75%)
  • Effective April 1, 2021 – an additional 1.0% (total 2.0%)
  • Retroactive compensation in accordance with Article 19.10 of the Collective Agreement.

While this is an arbitrated decision and not a negotiated increase, it is a small step toward better wages for nurses and health-care professionals who have had their constitutional rights violated.

ONA members across the province continue to organize for significant improvements to compensation to assist in retention and recruitment and ensure Ontarians receive timely, high-quality health care in our public hospitals.

Read the full hospital reopener award by clicking here

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