Bargaining 101: Central and Local Bargaining - What are the differences?

January 26, 2023

In the hospital sector with a few exceptions, your collective agreement has two sections: a central agreement and a local agreement. Similarly, in the nursing home sector there are central and local provisions that are contained in the same agreement; local issues are set out in italics.

The terms and conditions under the central agreement are negotiated at a central bargaining table and apply to all ONA members within the same sector. The local agreement is negotiated between your ONA Bargaining Unit and your employer.

See the chart below for examples of the items for each type of agreement. Not all Bargaining Units will have all of items under the local agreement column. It is best to speak with your Bargaining Unit President if you have any questions.

Central Agreement Local Agreement
Wages Scheduling
Premiums (shift, weekend, on-call, student supervision, etc.) Composition of committees (such as Labour-Management, Grievance, Joint Health and Safety, etc.)
Medical, extended health care, mental health, and dental benefits Union leaves of absence
Amount of vacation Vacation time off and scheduling rules
Professional responsibility clause Travel and parking
Grievance procedures such as layoffs Scheduling Penalty Premiums (consecutive tours, consecutive weekends, time off between shifts, etc.)
Pension improvements  Meal breaks and rest periods
Sick time provisions  Bulletin boards
Protection from harassment and discrimination  Uniforms
Protection from discipline/termination  Modified work rules
Bereavement leave  Job sharing
Salary top-ups for pregnancy/parental leave