June 1st is Injured Workers' Day

May 27, 2024

On June 1, we join with labour and social justice organizations from across Ontario to recognize Injured Workers’ Day and stand up for those who have been injured or made ill because of their work.

Over three thousand injured workers gathered at Queen’s Park on June 1, 1983, forcing a government committee working on major changes to Ontario’s workers’ compensation system to conduct a public hearing on the steps of the legislature. This historic day led to subsequent annual rallies— on the day known as Injured Workers’ Day – to continually advocate for workers' protection.

From biological and chemical hazards to musculoskeletal disorders to workplace violence and mental health concerns caused by stress and burnout, health-care professionals face many serious workplace hazards every day.

Health-care workers continue to have some of the highest rates of injury and illness statistics in the workforce. At the same time, our workers’ compensation system is in crisis as cuts to benefits and changes to policies make it more difficult for injured workers to get fair compensation and adequate protection.

The Ontario Nurses' Association has been a leader in occupational health and safety issues that affect not only our members, but everyone in society. We will continue to advocate for members’ health and safety at the government, employer and Bargaining Unit levels.

Days such as the National Day of Mourning and Injured Workers’ Day help us raise awareness and support as we work to safeguard our health-care workforce.

Join in the 41st Injured' Workers Day Rally

Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 11 a.m. ET at Queen's Park in Toronto

Visit June 1st – Injured workers Day! (injuredworkersonline.org) to learn more and get involved. Rallies are also being held in London, Windsor and Thunder Bay.

If you need assistance with health and safety in your workplace, please contact your Bargaining Unit President.