Celebrate Nurse Practitioner Week 2020

November 6, 2020

We recognize the vital role that Nurse Practitioners (NPs) play in our health-care system and celebrate the work of our NP members during Nurse Practitioner Week, November 8-14.

NP Week is held annually to celebrate NPs and raise awareness of the exceptional care they provide to communities across Ontario. It is an opportunity to educate policymakers on the need to harness the full potential of NPs to improve timely access to health care for all Canadians. In 2018, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions released the results of its Pan-Canadian Nurse Practitioner (NP) Retention & Recruitment Project which looked at ways to improve working conditions to better retain and attract NPs and expand NP positions throughout the health-care system. Click here to read the report.

“NPs are the solution to Canada’s long-standing shortage of primary care providers, access and wait times issues, especially within underserved populations, communities and settings,” said Linda Silas, President of the CFNU. “The findings in this report chart a path forward for governments to tap into the potential of NPs and improve access, from primary and long-term care to mental health and acute care.”

If you have photos or stories about NP Week that you'd like to share with the ONA community please email them to us at webmaster@ona.org and we'll post them on the website and through social media. Be sure to include the Local number with your submission.

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Visit our webpage “For Nurse Practitioners” for important news, information and resources.

The Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario has tools, resources and ideas to help you celebrate NP Week.

2019-09-04 Trillium Health Partners (50)

A photo of two nurse practitioners (NP).

2019-09-04 Trillium Health Partners (196)

A photo of a nurse practitioner (NP).

2019-09-04 Trillium Health Partners (410)

A photo of a nurse practitioner (NP).