ONA launches anti-privatization campaign "Nurses Talk Truth"

May 10, 2023

The Ontario Nurses' Association has launched a new advertising campaign taking aim at the Ford government's aggressive push to privatize Ontario's health-care system.

The Ford government claims that privatizing health care is the only way to solve the backlog of surgeries that is overwhelming Ontario’s health-care system.

Ontario nurses want to know -- staffed by what nurses and health-care professionals? The real problem is health-care staffing - a shortage of nurses and health-care professionals that's a direct result of Doug Ford’s policies.

Ontario's nurses and health-care professionals know that privatization is not the answer. They witness first-hand how private health care fails patients, residents and clients. Evidence shows that outcomes for privately delivered surgeries are worse and the costs are higher, although Premier Ford would like Ontarians to believe otherwise. Expanding private care will only worsen staffing issues and decrease access.

The government should be focused on appropriately funding the public health-care system, so it can retain and recruit the staff needed to ensure better care for all. Instead, they are catering to private interests looking to make money on the back of taxpayers.

The "Nurses Talk Truth" campaign showcases these stark realities for Ontarians. The campaign features a series of advertisements that will appear in bus shelters and transit in locations across the province, in print and as animated ads on social media. A campaign microsite has been launched at nursestalktruth.ca.

Join us in opposing Doug Ford's aggressive shift to private health care. To show your support, send a message to decision makers here.