ONA Statement: Weekend Protests

February 4, 2022

Nurses and health-care professionals have been working tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to provide care despite chronic understaffing, overwork and burnout. ONA unequivocally condemns any protest activity that prevents nurses and health-care professionals from doing their jobs and providing care for those who need it.

Attempts to intimidate nurses, health-care professionals or patients with aggressive noise and a confrontational presence are entirely unacceptable. That nurses and health-care professionals are being told by Toronto Police Services to conceal their identities due to the risk of harassment is disappointing to say the least.

ONA members have sacrificed their own health and well-being through five waves of COVID-19 in order to provide care to those who need it. Their tireless work should be recognized, and they deserve to do their work free from harassment. ONA calls on our elected leaders and public safety officials to ensure that nurses, health-care professionals, patients and their loved ones have safe access to all hospitals on University Avenue and across Toronto this weekend, and every day.