Premier Ford’s Bill 106 further dismantles workers’ and women’s equality rights

April 7, 2022

ONA President Cathryn Hoy, RN, emphasized that Ford’s Bill 106 is being rushed through to further undermine nurses’ and health-care professionals’ rights, including collective bargaining. Hoy presented ONA’s submission to government at the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs on April 6.

Bill 106 – an omnibus bill in which the government throws many issues within one bill to pass them all – does not address the urgent need to fix nurse and health-care staffing issues nor does it spur increases in full-time positions with benefits and pensions.

With Equal Pay Day on April 12, Bill 106 does nothing to close the gender pay gap because it erodes workers’ rights and does not address systemic gender discrimination. In fact, the Bill is an attack on fundamental pay equity rights and gender equality. Wage increases are NOT the same as pay equity adjustments. Premier Ford is using this Bill to avoid paying out court-won pay equity compensation to ONA members.

Further, Bill 106 does not repeal Bill 124, wage suppression legislation that is the driving force behind the exodus of experienced nurses from the profession.

ONA provided well-grounded solutions to Bill 106 to address the many gaps. Read ONA’s submission here for additional information and context.