Update ONA Member Information

If you’ve been missing our updates and announcements, your information may be out of date in our database. It is integral that your information with us is up-to-date so you are not missing important ONA news.

You can update your information by:

  • Calling ONA Dues and Membership Services Intake at (toll-free) 1-800-387-5580, ext. 2200.
  • Emailing your ONA ID, Name and updated information to memberchanges@ona.org. (Note email updates require your ONA Member ID as shown on your membership card).
  • To ensure all aspects of your existing Membership record is current please go to our online Member Information Form.
  • If you are a new hire in an ONA workplace, please contact your Bargaining Unit President to sign-up. You can use ONA’s email tool to send a message to your President.
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